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As the first Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor in the state of South Carolina, Ripple founder Jessica Shields Flowers works with parents across the state and country, offering parent coaching and Conscious Discipline® workshops. Some of the courses available include:

Taming the Family Jungle: Brain Smart Strategies That Build Cooperation

Focusing on your child's behavior instead of their internal state is like pulling weeds by breaking off the tops! If you want your child to change their behavior, you must help them change their internal state first and the behavior will follow. Then you are pulling the weed up by the root. Walk away with Brain Smart strategies that will help YOU and your child go from bug crazy mad to caterpillar calm that leads to cooperation in your day to day life.

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Managing You and Your Child's Strong Emotions

Managing your emotions AND your child's strong emotions are enough some days to really drive you nuts. This workshop will help re-tool your tool box with strategies that help you and your child compose yourself. Research shows that self-regulation is the # 1 skill required for all of life success and at least 40% of young children are missing this skill! By teaching you and your child self-regulation, you and your child are able to reach your highest potential and establish healthy relationships.

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Preventing Power Struggles

Ever find yourself in a power struggle with your child? It doesn't have to be that way! This 3-hour workshop will teach you the five step process to prevent power struggles that no one truly wins. Discover what beliefs (on the part of both parents and children) create power struggles in the first place, the strategies to use to step out of them, and how to heal yourself and your child after a power struggle has occurred.

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Setting Limits Without Guilt

Have you ever given in to your children just to get them to be quiet, or overreacted to your children's behavior and later regretted it? If so, this course is for you! Discover this and more:

  • New ways to teach the behaviors you want
  • How to effectively manage your emotions, including guilt
  • How to shift from fear-based discipline to one based on love
  • How to increase your child's motivation to cooperate

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The 10 Principles of Positive Discipline

During this 5-week series of weekly 1 ½ hour sessions, you'll learn how to:

  • Give effective commands to children
  • Guide children away from tattling and into problem solving
  • Teach bullies new ways to interact, and empower victims
  • Better understand children and how to help their self-esteem
  • Avoid passive people-pleasing language surrendering control
  • Give the two responses to children that will elicit cooperation
  • Stop the "Do what I say, not what I do" syndrome
  • Implement the seven steps of conflict resolution
  • Differentiate between disrespect and typical behavior
  • Always communicate the intention of love!

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Loving Guidance: Setting Limits Without Guilt

Take back your sanity during this 3-hour workshop! Learn the secret to being both FIRM and FAIR. Quickly and effectively deal with "I don't care," and "You can't make me!"


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Becoming Brain Smart®: The Conscious Discipline® Brain State Model

Conscious Discipline® is an emotional intelligence and classroom management program consisting of Brain Smart® strategies for responding rather than reacting to life events. Through responding, conflict moments are transformed into cooperative learning opportunities. In this workshop you will learn the brain states and their relevance to behavior, four brain smart principles, the Conscious Discipline® Brain State Model, tools to help manage your emotions, tools to help children manage their emotions and how and why connection is the core of discipline.

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Tattling: An Opportunity to Teach

Tattling is a call for help from young children. Learn about the three types of tattlers and how to respond that empowers children to find their big voice.

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Parenting By the Book

Based on current research, Conscious Discipline® can teach both parents and children how to:

  • Set goals and achieve them despite obstacles and distractions
    (instead of yelling, nagging, sending to time out or removal of privileges)
  • Create safe homes by managing our emotions instead of acting them out (instead of adults losing tempers, children throwing tantrums, name-calling, hitting or destroying property)
  • Set personal boundaries to prevent bullying and encourage respectful interactions (instead of telling others how they should think, should feel or should act)
  • Resolve conflict in a way that creates closer, more loving relationships (instead of pretending issues doesn’t exist or having them tear us apart)

Why now? Although many of you are just taking your first steps into parenthood, this is a great time to learn the skills you will need over the lifetime of your child. These skills start early, and it's a great time to build a good foundation when they are babies, so as they grow both you and baby have a solid foundation.


This program defines discipline not as something you do to children, but something you develop within them. It teaches new skills to the adult first and the children second, empowering you to become the mindful parent you want to be; of living in the present moment, aware of your own thoughts and feelings and open to those of your children.


This book study will take place over the span of eight months meeting once a month for an hour and a half in the home of one of the participants. Both parents are welcome, but are not required.

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Individual help from an expert parenting coach

If you'd like individual attention or advice specific to your family's or child's situation, including children with special needs, Ripple founder Jessica Shields Flowers also offers one-on-one parent coaching to parents across South Carolina and the US by phone, email, and/or in person.


What can I expect from parent coaching?

Parents who engage in parent coaching by Ripple can expect to quickly learn how to:

  • Stop reacting to life events... and start really responding
  • Implement discipline strategies with proven results
  • View disruptions as opportunities to teach children new skills
  • Improve your child's education by building a School Family™
  • Develop parenting self-control, self-concept, and willpower
  • Become the person you want your children to become!

It doesn't stop there. Besides benefiting every day from what you're learning and feeling increasingly safe and secure, your child will learn to become more accountable for her (or his) own behaviors rather than shifting blame to others, improve her learning skills, and more.


Are your parent coach's values similar to mine?

That's an excellent question. Families of all values can benefit from the Seven Basic Skills of Conscious Discipline®, but you'll be even more successful if you subscribe to these principles:

  • Composure: being the person you want your child to become
  • Encouragement: acknowledging we're all in this together
  • Assertiveness: saying no and being heard
  • Providing choices: building self-esteem and willpower
  • Positive intent: seeing the best in others
  • Empathy: handling the fussing and fits in the right spirit
  • Consequences: helping children learn from their mistakes


My family has a special situation.

During her 30 years in the early childhood field, Jessica Shields Flowers has worked with families in a wide variety of situations, from children with special needs to families undergoing the stages of grief. (Read what other parents have said about working with Flowers.)

Contact Jessica Shields Flowers to discuss your family's coaching needs and goals.



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