positive change
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benefits of early childhood education

You're in the position to make a huge difference in many, many lives.


A new decade of brain research indicates that the quality of early childhood education has a profound impact on the success of a child in school... a good predictor of success in life.


To make a difference in the lives of the children in your school, it's crucial to create positive order in the classroom, leading to more actual teaching hours. A tall order? One of the most effective programs available to teachers of young children, Conscious Discipline®, does that... and more.

Real results

Conscious Discipline® classrooms score significantly higher in statewide reading comprehension, writing and math tests. They're also safer, since Conscious Discipline® has been proven to significantly reduce aggressive acts.


Watch the story of Fern Creek Elementary!

How does Conscious Discipline® work in the classroom?

Unlike any other classroom management model, Conscious Discipline® empowers teachers and administrators with knowledge about how the brains of young children and adults work. By consistently working with the brain rather than against it, teachers greatly improve their effectiveness and brain function improves in both adults and children.


Conscious Discipline® works in the early education environment by organizing schools and classrooms around the concept of a School Family™. Members of this family—adults and children—learn skills needed to communicate with each other effectively, form new relationships, become more sensitive to others' needs, and get along better with others, creating a far more conducive learning environment, reducing discipline problems, replacing external rewards as a motivator with internal ones, and increasing the time available for productive teaching.


Florida's House of Representatives Names a Conscious Discipline® School a "National School of Character"

Improve your classroom... starting today

As the only Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor in the state of South Carolina, Ripple founder Jessica Shields Flowers works one-on-one with teachers, child care managers, and preschool administrators across the state and the United States, offering one-on-one coaching by phone, email, and/or in person, depending on the need.


Jessica also offers a coaching and modeling package which focuses on classroom teachers and implementing Conscious Discipline® in their classrooms. The package includes 10 monthly after school workshops and 2 full days of coaching.


Contact Ripple today to get started!

Ripple offers Conscious Discipline® workshops at conferences, schools, and other locations across the United States. Contact Ripple to bring a Conscious Discipline® workshop to your school.



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